The Medical Marijuana Growers Guide has been rewritten to include more detail on cannabis cultivation. Learn how to grow medicinal grade marijuana from seed to harvest. This quick start guide starts out with how to build a grow room and create the perfect indoor environment for cannabis cultivation. Learn how to grow marijuana from seed and from clones. Learn the five stages of plant development and how to reach the plants full genetic potential. Learn about plant nutrition, microorganisms and how they complete the nutrient cycle. Increase quality and yield thru organic no-till style agriculture while reducing the need to use harmful chemicals. This guide also covers the art of drying and curing. Producing cannabis for the connoisseur. The guide is an easy read and whether you are a beginner, a hobbyist or a seasoned professional entering the legal medical or recreational market, something can be learned from this guide and my 45 years of practical experience. With the information in this book, you should be able to hit 2-3 pounds per 1000w light. Turn on your automatic updates to receive the updated version. With legalization around the corner, anyone can enjoy growing marijuana for its nutritional and medicinal benefits as well as its recreational benefits. Peace and prosperity for all.